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The BYU National Security Student Association (NSSA) is the primary student-run organization seeking to create a community for and prepare undergraduates working towards careers in national security and global affairs.

The NSSA facilitates Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) events with BYU alumni/associates in the field of national security, faculty-led discussions on current issues overlapping with the faculty member's field of study, and publications for Praemon, the writing arm of NSSA that functions as BYU's premier global affairs analysis hub.

NSSA and Praemon are co-sponsored by the Department of Geography as part of the Geospatial Intelligence program and the David M. Kennedy Center for International Relations. We provide students of all majors and minors with opportunities to acquire and develop the skills of professional analysts by examining current issues in the geopolitical landscape. Current students interested in analysis are encouraged to reach out to us and work with our editors to get their work published!

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